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With the advent to proper screenplay in films , suspense has become one of the hard­hitting way of  communicating a message. We used suspense to tell relationships that extends space and time,  about paranormal activities that can teach you lesson to after­life of people whose aspirations are  not met.

Ball Please

“Ball Please” is a story about the relation between a brother and a sister that extends beyond the concept of space and time. It talks about how certain things can remain attached with you even if you don’t exist and it keeps on going perpetually.


“Paperboy” is a story of a new newspaper boy. The new boy gets late for distributing newspaper and he gets inspected by one of the customer. It happens that the customer reveals some information about the society that freaks out him. The film is suspense on the transient times.


“Toggle” is a horror film that shows how darkness has something to say. The guy who enters this bungalow with paranormal activities and gets trapped into a mind game.

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