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Social Awareness

It is said that social issues are of people and for people. We found cinema to be the strongest medium to showcase problems and aspirations of people and convey it through powerful and thoughtful storytelling. We have touched upon issues like incorrect public communication, save girl child, child abuse, lesbian weddings, inflation, respecting army, cleanliness, anti­cancer, anti-smoking , save birds.


“Avhan” is a film about the way we don’t use dustbin at public places and the film gives a solution to this problem.

Aulad e ishq

“Aulad e ishq” is a pseudo name of love that parents have for their child. The film talks about universal issue of divorce. When both the parents decide to separate, they don’t realize that a child cannot divide since a child will need both of them.


“Boomerang” is a film on the saying in Bible: what goes around comes around. The film is about the child abuse issue. The fictional story touches upon the contrast of everyday life of a male.


“Ittihad” is a film about a zebra crossing wherein an old man is unable to cross the road. He tries really hard to get to the other side of the road but then some unusual help gets him through.


“Khidmat” is a story of a beggar who doesn’t read the newspaper. A beggar who don’t know many things happening in world, he at the end of the day just waits for his meal, and no headlines can provide him that. The film is a satire on the everything exists in the world.


“Ragbat” which is an Urdu word meaning desire. The film showcases the mind of a person who is habituated with some sort of desire. The same habit becomes his reason for death. It takes for example intake of cigarette to showcase the habit.


“Rasul” is a film about a father and a son and their quest to find an address. Father is on phone and guiding the kid of reach to the destination. The film is a situational satire on the fact that sometimes a lot is done by just doing just.


“Shehzadi” is a cascading dominoes story regarding incidents that happens in one day of an office going guy. The film is a contrast depicting biasing helpfulness of society under the social message of saving girl child.


“Tabdeel” is a short film is about lesbians, if lesbians were allowed to marry in India. What shall be scenario if this happens? It talks about how two girls communicate and take forward entire process of wedding.


“True-blue” is the story of an old man who has lost his wallet. The guy who finds the wallet starts interrogating him about how he lost his wallet and the real story behind the wallet gets revealed and it amazes the guy.

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