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SitComs have always been educational and entertaining in last two decades. We always wanted to see how can a short film be made with the flavour of a situational screenplay. We made some the most emotional movies in 2015 under this category.


“Absaar” is a story of blind guy who is sitting by the riverside and repenting on his past life. He tells the guy next to him how he lost his eyes and other guy shares his which taken him aback. The film is a satire on the repenting nature of human beings.


“Dharawahik” talks about the impact that television soaps create in our day-to-day life. This film is a pun on the entire television soap concept.


“Divergence” is a film that shows how an educated child and an uneducated child respond to an accidental situation. It shows how sometimes risk and courage are not taught in schools but are engraved in those who venture out on their own and sometimes that helps in saving someone’s life.

Hair Style

“Hair Style” is a film on a local barber and his conversation with his latest customer. The customer tells him to cut his hair in all different shapes and forms and finally he agrees to cut it short. The customer annoys the barber but then he realizes what he actually missed.


“Housewife” is the story of a housewife asking the guests about how will be visiting card of a housewife look like?


“Interference” is a story of an old couple and the trouble they have with their old television set. The film in multi-layered screenplay talks about the life of old people and the society that changes with it.


“Lineline” is a movie about the way life sometimes makes you fall in a trap that you plotted. It’s a beautiful story of two guys who decides to steal I-phone of businessmen. A satire on how it takes so little time to change situations in ones life.


“Muqaabil” is a film about how we do things to show to others and less for our own. The film is a satire on the current trend of people going to gym for other causes than staying healthier.


“Serendipity” is a story of a situational crime that brings two religion ideologies on one page. The film specifically talks about how a follower of one religion when faces another religious place in his periphery and his reaction to the sudden situation is the essence of the film.


“Subjective” is a story of a guy who couldn’t take his job anymore and decides to practice his passion. One day a lady asks him about his story. The conversation that happens between them calls for a real deep thought on the existence of multiple truths at a single point of time.

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