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Individual lives have become so stressful in the fast pacing world and the transiting generations have taken it more and more seriously. There is so much to learn and implement that there is always stress to be left behind from the rest. This quest has made humor a very strong mode nowadays for communicating anything par se. We took leverage of this by making of the most viral films from our deck of 52.

Baat Cheet

“Baat Cheet” is the social issue of today’s generation. There are climatic epidemics that ruin that world, and now there is sort of nuisance that is filling up the mobile world. The film surreally brings in a character that always interrupts between conversations in day-to-day life. End is the real treat for viewers.

Horn Ok Please

“Horn Ok Please” is a sarcastic take on intolerance. One girl keeps waiting for her friend every day, and a guy teases her every day. The film talks about how we assume certain things and act on our prejudices.


“Tajassus” is a story of a house where a guy keeps on waiting for the girl to get back home. The film is a satire on what is the next generation of love like.

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