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Global Issues

As Leonardo DiCaprio rightly said in his Oscar winning speech that lets us not take this planet for granted. Right from climatic issues to global issues affecting millions of people, global awareness is a perpetual process and each one of us should contribute in whatever way we can. We tried our part of touching upon topics like sound pollution, light pollution, saving light, depletion of trees, terrorism and global warming.


“Apple” is a futuristic film that talks about how the price rise is going to affect the commodities and the selling-buying economic structure of tomorrow. It showcases the concept with the use of a plot wherein a person is trying to buy costly apples from a vendor.


“Khalish” is a short film is about how four friends used to play carom everyday encounters something really unusual one day and are never able to be back and play the carom again together.


“Martbaan” is a story of a child wanting to collect sound. He uses a glass jar to do so. It is amazing how a child perceives surrounding sound. When he opens the jar to listen all sounds, he gets taken aback. The film is a metaphorical rendition on saving sounds.


“O2”, is a story of a kid, who is busy drawing leaves in his drawing book, in parallel there are two guys traveling with a woodcutter towards cutting a tree. The next encounter of guys with the tree, in actual stops them for a while & they leave the place without cutting the trees.


“Statistics” is a film that talks about how a local crime done can impact on a global scale.


“Ta’alluq” is about learning processes of kids. We never know when a kid one day will say that A for Apple and B for Bomb and nobody will be responsible for it but only the surroundings. Here we talks about how, the press and media communication can sometimes create problem for kids.

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