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Educational short films have always been influential since ages. We have tried communicating lots of educational issues through enacting them with kids and old people to bring in the innocence and the depth of experience and the contrast of society dealing with the same. We have touched upon issues like cancer and tobacco, anti­ragging, communication problems of future , saving girl child, saving trees and many more.

Corner Friend

“Corner Friend” is a story relating an age-old friend.  A friendship that starts at a tinder age and diminishes as the person grows from a kid to adult and gets eliminated as technology exponentially grows. The film is a satire on the depleting trend of usage of books.


“Ctrl+P” is a story of a rich couple that is going out in their AUDI car. They both decide to piss only in government toilets. The current film is about SWACHCH BHARAT campaign.


“Enigma” is a sci-fi film about the questions dealing with the existence of the universe. It is a deep satire on the fact that it’s always betters not to know everything. Something ignorance is bliss and this film takes a scientific to humane tone depicting the relation between the both as the film ends.


“Masumiyat” is a story of a school going village kid who everyday submits homework at school but still gets punished. The film very beautifully portrays the innocence of a child in solving a problem.


“Taasir” talks about a kind of pollution that exist everywhere but unseen. When we create our own spaces everywhere. They are part of the ecosystem and have life of own. Excess of artificial sources of light will affect natural sources. The film talks about light pollution.


“Talaffuz” is a story of a child getting caught in the dilemma of incorrect approach of communication and his personal learning. The film is a satire on self-made-cum-confident English.

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