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Communication is the next education syllabus for the world. Right from the advent of mobile phones penetrating the market, communication has been the buzz word for earth suddenly. We have made some amazing and viral films on this topic.


“Intangibles” talks about those intangible things that bind a family together. We sometimes wonder what makes a family go together, and what is the adhesive that binds the family together, but those things actually are comprises and our desires to be together.


“Sanjal” is the future of the time when communication between human beings used to happen without language. These days’ mobile phones have become the easiest form of communication. One such incident about mobile towers when there will be congestion and how it will affect the life of people in future.


“Muntazir” talks about those parents whose children went to a different country to work or study or to settle. It shows the agony of an old grand parent having an I-Pad but not knowing how to communicate to his son.


“Murshid” talks about a newer generation that always has an edge over the older generation but all old generation can predict new generation. Current film shows this beautiful relationship and also reveals impact.


“Short&Sweet” is a film that shows two parallel stories of two couples: one that works as laborers and one that works in corporate.  The film shows the contrast of communication in recent times to the older way of communication.

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