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Art has always been evolving to bring the best portrayal of emotions and events in life. Artistic cinema has always been a difficult perusal. We have made films on solitude, imitation form nature, split personality and many more.

Blind Date

“Blind Date” is a mystery movie about how someone’s life gets trapped in the book that person reads. All events start happening the way it is written in the book.


This film is about the personalities that exist within us pertaining to the desires we have. One such incident wherein a guy wants to listen to music and relax but he is getting work to be done and his state of mind has been shown in the film.


“Retreat” is a journey of a local artisan who is not getting any inspiration to innovate his art.  The artist takes inspiration from nature and gets his work done.


“Within” is the quest of an artist and his solitude. It shows how artists have only their creations as their best friend. Solitude is a state of mind and sometimes it creates such big impact on someone that it itself becomes a reason for creativity.

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