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52 Films Project By Tanmay Shah

’52FilmsProject’ is about 52 stories told by the medium of cinema in 52 weeks of 2015. Cinema has been influential as one of the strongest mode of communication. There are lots of of issues of people that fails to reach out to people. This initiative was a courageous attempt to touch upon issues pertaining to society in one year.

’52FilmsProject’ is about 52 short films made and released on every Friday of 2015 on the YouTube channel. The channel has 1 million views and 3000 organic subscribers. This initiative is taken by FridayFictionFilms for social awareness in 2015. The project started with the first release of film on 2nd January and the last film released on 25th December.

Tanmay Shah, a former research associate from IIT­Bombay and now Founder & CEO at FridayFictionFilms , is the force behind ’52FilmsProject’.

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Art has always been evolving to bring the best portrayal of emotions and events in life. Artistic cinema has always been a difficult perusal. We have made films on solitude, imitation form nature, split personality and many more.


Communication is the next education syllabus for the world. Right from the advent of mobile phones penetrating the market, communication has been the buzz word for earth suddenly. We have made some amazing and viral films on this topic.


Educational short films have always been influential since ages. We have tried communicating lots of educational issues through enacting them with kids and old people to bring in the innocence and the depth of experience and the contrast of society dealing with the same. We have touched upon issues like cancer and tobacco, anti­ragging, communication problems of future , saving girl child, saving trees and many more.

Global Issues

As Leonardo DiCaprio rightly said in his Oscar winning speech that lets us not take this planet for granted. Right from climatic issues to global issues affecting millions of people, global awareness is a perpetual process and each one of us should contribute in whatever way we can. We tried our part of touching upon topics like sound pollution, light pollution, saving light, depletion of trees, terrorism and global warming.


Individual lives have become so stressful in the fast pacing world and the transiting generations have taken it more and more seriously. There is so much to learn and implement that there is always stress to be left behind from the rest. This quest has made humor a very strong mode nowadays for communicating anything par se. We took leverage of this by making of the most viral films from our deck of 52.


SitComs have always been educational and entertaining in last two decades. We always wanted to see how can a short film be made with the flavour of a situational screenplay. We made some the most emotional movies in 2015 under this category.

Social Awareness

It is said that social issues are of people and for people. We found cinema to be the strongest medium to showcase problems and aspirations of people and convey it through powerful and thoughtful storytelling. We have touched upon issues like incorrect public communication, save girl child, child abuse, lesbian weddings, inflation, respecting army, cleanliness, anti­cancer, anti- smoking , save birds.


With the advent to proper screenplay in films , suspense has become one of the hard­hitting way of communicating a message. We used suspense to tell relationships that extends space and time, about paranormal activities that can teach you lesson to after­life of people whose aspirations are not met.

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